Six Laws of the Jungle in Albion PvP World Ⅰ


Don’t complaining about unfair PvP. You need read following laws, and you need some Albion Online Gold!

#1: You are going to die.

Remember this! They aren’t going to wait for you to get ready. They aren’t going to play fair. They aren’t going to care if a particular spell or tactic is too devastating if they catch you with it. Your only way around it is to learn them- learn where they are, learn what they’re after, learn what they’re going to do, and prepare yourself ahead of time. And no matter how well-prepared you are for what’s out there- you are still going to die. There is no way out of Law #1. Whether it’s at the hands of someone at the morgana camps who decides to pick you off just cause your there, whether it’s a group of players higher than you who gang up and tear you apart, whether it’s an even match, similar class who just happens to get that last shot in before you, whether it’s some punk who sucker-punches you right after a tough fight, or whether it’s someone whom you thought had no chance in hell who happens to get lucky, you’re going to be killed. If this bothers you, you made a mistake.

#2: This isn’t your mother’s RPG.

You can’t play the same game you played when no one went after you. The gear that was excellent enough to live in because of its effectiveness against the mindless MOBs isn’t worth squat- you have to outfit yourself with your most dreaded foes in mind. You can’t just trot over to your favorite hunting grounds to knock out your daily grinds or harvest materials. They know that those spots attract people who still think that they’re playing the same game, and they will be waiting for you. (See Law #1) If you played a PvE game before you have to forget everything you learned, and be prepared to learn it all over again. There are new rules for how to get a level. There are new rules for where to hunt, and there are new rules for which routes to take through the lands. If it’s something that many people used to do or where many people used to go, it is now bait that will lead many people to their deaths. If you thought that you were going to play the same route you played before to get to tier 8.6-whatever except that you can kill people now, you made a mistake.

You’re going to find entire guilds on your Kill on Site list. There will be griefers and campers and people tea-bagging you corpse. Do people play a PvP game just to kill people fifty levels below them? Yes, what of it? Your pride and ego heralds the end of your fun. Suck it up and call in a friend. Which brings us too …

#3: There is more to PvP.

There’s more to PvP than who has what nuke or how many hit points or what dps rate is. PvP is about knowing everything you can do and how it works, not just what numbers scrolled up when you fought mobs before. If you can’t fight them, learn how to. If you want to play a numbers game, go pick up a calculator. You want a scripted fight, go raid. If you can’t learn and expect SBI to change everything around to suit you, you made a mistake. Crying that you can’t beat X class and they need to be nerfed doesn’t mean you’re right, it means you’re an unskilled player who doesn’t understand how to play his class. You also have to understand the other classes and what their weaknesses are. Learn, Adapt, and Grow; if you can’t do that then you’re not cut out for this.

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To be continued…

Albion Online’s Item Progression


Some tips to you~

There is currently 8 tiers in the game
Higher tier items are usually 20-30% stronger than the items in the tier below
To find highest tier ressources, you will have to venture deeper and deeper into the open world PvP zones
Items generally get repeated across tiers, So if there is a T3 broadsword, there is likely going to be a better T4 broadsword that is quite similar
Higher tier versions of the same item do sometimes get extra abilities for you to choose from

There is currently 3 rarity levels for items. Common, Uncommon, Rare
Uncommon and Rare items are not a better version of a corresponding normal item, but they are a totally different item. While the broadsword is a normal item, the 2h sword is an uncommon one and will be significantly different in terms of stats and abilities.
Each rarity level increases the overall power of the item by 20-30%. So you could say that a T6 common item is about as strong as a T5 uncommon item

When crafting an item, there is a chance to a get a higher quality level. A higher quality level means that the base stats of the item, are higher than usual, but the item itself is exactly the same. For example, a “masterpiece” T4 broad sword will do more damage than a standard quality T4 broad sword.

Cost vs Power
The power of an item increases by around 20-30% per tier/rarity level
The cost of an item increases by a much bigger factor.
One reason for this is that we want to have an interesting risk vs reward curve, i.e. we want players to actively decide whether they bring their best and most expensive gear with them (at a higher risk) or whether they use lower quality gear instead and reserve their best gear for special situations
Another reason is that it helps to balance the game by giving less advanced players a fighting chance against more advanced players
Currently (February 2015), silver cost for items (crafting and repair) increases by a factor of 3 per tier/rarity level. We will carefully evaluate after this alpha test whether that factor needs to be adjusted (or, whether we leave it as is but adjust silver spawn rates)

Cost of use
If you use your Albion Online Silver, they will lose some durability
Per tier, the durability currently increases by a factor of 2. As the item cost increases by a factor of 3, the cost of use essentially increases by a facor of 1.5 per tier. I.e. if you fight mobs in T4 gear, you will need 50% more silver to repair than if you fight mobs in T3 gear
To compensate that, mobs currently drop 1.5 times more silver per tier, too
So in theory, the proportion of silver income used for repairs when farming T3 mobs with T3 gear should be the same as when farming T4 mobs with T4 gear
Having said that, based on qualitative feedback received from players, we are currently not sure how well this works out in practice. We can promise you to carefully look into this and make the required adjustments.

Albion New Map Features Royal Islands and The Outlands


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Albion Online will rebuild the entire World. What do you think about this? More news and guide on our site! You also can find cheapest Albion Online Gold here. Let’s read carefully below news.

The Albion Online team has revealed the game’s world map that will be deployed when the Final Beta kicks off in July. Rather than “East & West” continents, players will find two Royal Islands and an entire continent called The Outlands. The idea of Outlands is to give more room for guilds and hardcore PvP players, something a huge playing field will give.

The Royal Islands are two separate islands: the King’s Isle and Queen’s Isle. They have resources up to Tier 7 and consist of green, yellow and red zones. Every player starts their adventure on either of two islands, the harbors of which allow them to travel to The Outlands. As the islands are governed by the Royal Expeditionary Forces, they are relatively safe and murderers will face consequences for their actions.

The Royal Islands are the perfect place for gatherers, crafters, roleplayers and small scale PvP.

The Outlands are completely covered in black zones, with resources up to Tier 8. There is no law enforcement. Players and guilds are free to claim territories and wage wars, plundering and murdering as they please. The land is bigger than both Royal Islands combined, making sure players have enough room to fight and conquer. The most powerful creatures will also be found in The Outlands, roaming around the best resources and secret treasures.

Albion Online Features Notes


– When “pushed” (by clicking, for example), spells darken in addition to scaling, and this effect now works more q
– Free loot works the same as current looting rules.
– Party loot randomizes loot from party kills between nearby party members.
– You can see loot assigned to other players, but can only loot your own loot.
– This protection lasts until the general mob loot protection wears off (ie 120s).
– The way a mob is going to drop loot is determined when a group member first engages that mob (since its last reset).
– If your party leader switches to free loot halfway through a boss fight, the loot from that boss will still be distributed as per party loot rules.

New Albion Online Weapon – WARBOW


Today, we will bring you the video of new weapon, a deadly weapon in the right hands

Under the guidance of Gordon, the Weapon Master of the Royal Expeditionary Forces, we shed light on one weapon at a time in our new Weapon Spotlight series! Gordon not only goes over every skill option, but even elaborates on supplemental equipment options and various tactics to use in both PvE and PvP combat.

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Albion Online Guide to Weapons and Armor in Classless PvP



Someone asked how to tell what your enemies will be doing in PvP. Well, it’s hard to tell what defines each type of weapon and armor without clicking through every item on the destiny board, so here’s a quick breakdown of what makes each item unique!


Q: Signature (Spam) Ability. 1.5-3s CD(or cast time)
Each Weapon Type (sword, bow, fire staff, hammer, etc) will have their own Q ability which is the same across all tiers. Most have a small special effect or characteristic (slow, poison, armor reduction).
Support weapons have a damage option and a heal/shield option. Bow has a second option on T5

W: Utility Ability. 7-10s CD
Each Weapon Type has their own set of 1-3 options (mostly two – one for more damage/healing, one for more special effects). These have special effects such as interrupts, slows, shield, fears, damage over time, dashes, knockbacks.

E: Ultimate (Special) Ability 15-30s CD
Each Weapon Type has a similar flavor or effect, but every weapon has their own Ultimate/Special Ability. Typically 2 of the weapons in a particular Type will have similar effects (broadsword gives armor/mr, claymore also gives armor/mr; staves all have knockbacks; spears have a dash and a pull; bows have AoEs).

Weapon Passive
Each Weapon Type has two passives, but only in their two-handed versions (Tx.2 and Tx.3 for most Types). Think “10% chance to gain damage/attackspeed/bleed/slow/castspeed”. Typically one damage boost, one utility boost (attack range or energy or a slow) but it varies.

Identifying Weapons
You’ll be able to instantly see if they have a sword, or a bow, or a certain staff, at which point you will know if they’re going to be Q spamming a slow or damage. You’ll have to remember that certain weapon types have different W abilities for utility, and wait to see if they have it as a damage boost or for utility. You’ll have to remember that certain weapons have high dps, certain weapons have stuns and crowd control. You won’t be able to tell what passive they have without inspecting them. And last, each weapon has a very different model, so you’ll be able to tell what their Ult/Special is going to be.

Full List of Abilities by Devious[1]

Armor is a little harder – each Armor Type has different abilities, while Armor Material determines the type of defense.
Here’s a picture from the forums a few weeks ago that shows all of the armor in the game: armor models, check it out![2]

R: Boost Ability – Helm – 30s CD
Helms give an ability to boost your stats for ~5 seconds – damage, movement speed, or defense, determined by your Armor Type. These give people a short time for surprise burst, sticking power, or tanking.

D: Role (Utility) Ability – Chest – 30s CD
Chest armor gives you an ability to help you fulfill your typical MMO roles in a fight as a mage, fighter, or tank. Light armor helps you survive, medium armor helps you stick around to deal damage, and heavy armor helps you barge in and disrupt the enemy team. These all have both offensive and defensive uses.

F: Speed Boost – Feet – 20s (or 60s) CD
Boots give you a speed boost, they all have the same icon right now so you won’t be able to tell which one people have in a fight.

Armor Passive – All
Light armor gives you better spells (increased damage, healing, or cast speed).
Medium armor gives you better sticking power (increased speed, CC resistance, or better CC).
Heavy armor gives you better defense (increased life, armor, or thorns damage).

Armor Types
Heavy armor has high health, armor, and magic resistance.
Medium armor has a 25% damage/healing boost, medium health/armor/magic resistance.
Light armor has a 50% damage/healing boost, and low health/armor/magic resistance.

Armor Styles
Heavy Armor has huge full helms that cover the face, bulky layered chest/legs, and giant shoulder armor.
Medium Armor has open-faced helms, thin/loose chests and sleeves, and small shoulder armor.
Light Armor has scarves, open-faced chest, short sleeves, and no shoulder armor.

Armor Materials – Determined by Chest Material
Plate Armor has ~10% more armor than magic resistance.
Leather Armor has equal armor and magic resistance.
Cloth Armor has ~10% less armor than magic resistance.
Check the size of their shoulders to see what type of chest piece they have, you NEED to know if they are going to be dealing lots of damage or taking lots of damage, and whether or not they can chase you down. Next most important is their helm – full, half, or scarf? This will determine if they can boost their damage, speed, or sticking power. Boots don’t really matter, they have the same abilities and a very small damage or utility boost that will probably match the chest or helm.
Full List of Armor Details by Devious[3]

Bonus Info: Tiers
The Good: you can tell which Tier (1-8) people have based on the color of their armor or weapon. The Bad: you can’t tell which Class (x.1, x.2, x.3,etc) people have based on the color of their armor or weapon.

T4.1 Heavy Plate is blue and has a power level of exactly Tier 4.1 for it’s health, armor, and magic resistsance. T4.2 Heavy Leather is also blue, but has the power level of T5.1 gear. Someone wearing T4.3 Heavy Cloth would have total power level of T6.1 Heavy Plate, leading to slightly hidden power differences.

Weapons are the same: T4.1 Broadswoards are blue, but the T4.2 Claymore (also blue) has a power level equal to the T5.1 Broadsword. A T4.3 Glaive has the power level of a T6.1 Broadsword.

So, in addition to looking at their weapons to see their spells, and armor to see their role, also keep in mind the power spike as you go up in rarity. The more advanced (and unusual) the armor is, the higher the item power.

Power Chart with Developer Explanation at the bottom[4] also by Devious

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About Albion Online System Some Tips


Hi, I’ve been meaning to put together a guide for newcomers for some time now and I finally have gotten around to it. I hope this helps some of you out, and if I’ve missed something or been incorrect at some point, let me know so I may correct it. This guide will mostly benefit new players, though some more advanced players may still find some interesting tips to use that will improve their experience and gameplay. Some of what I’m including may seem redundant for a lot of us veterans, but when I joined the game I was a little lost and this would have definitely helped me. I hope it may help some of you too!

Re-size chat-box & Customize:

If you select the gear icon in the upper left side of the chat-box window it will give you the option to “unlock” the window itself and you can now click-and-drag the box (must have your mouse over one of the tabs). You can also customize the individual tabs or add new ones, which can show more of less information such as whispers or loot drops, etc.


[Shift + Left Click] an item inside of a ‘loot drop’ or chest and it will instantly be looted into your bag.

Resize your UI:

This may be old news to a lot of people, but I wanted to share it anyway. Since Albion is made for both PC and mobile, there is the option to have a larger UI for fingers; however, on PC we don’t really need this enabled and a larger UI just means you will see less of what’s happening in front of you. Click on your character portrait and access the Options menu, and then navigate to the Game Settings tab. Here you will see the checkbox for “Smaller HUD”, and select it.

Switch Ability & Fame Progression bars:

By default the fame progression for Albion is shown at the bottom of your screen, while your abilities are displayed at the right. This may be just fine for some people. However, throughout the years there may be other people who have become accustomed to having abilities shown on the bottom of the screen instead. For those individuals, click on your character portrait and access the Options menu. Then navigate to the Game Settings tab. Here you will see the checkbox for “Spells at bottom of the screen”, just select it.


Did you know that there are leader-boards in Albion? To my surprise I found a lot of people had no idea that there was a way of tracking an individual’s progress as well as a guild’s. To access the leader-boards, click on your character portrait and select “Rankings”. From here you can view anything from the Kill Value from individual players, to the Fame totals of an entire guild. So get out there and make a name for yourself!

More Item Power (Destiny Board & Rerolling):

Almost every player should know that the higher an Item’s Power is, the better its stats are. However, there are a couple of ways to improve the Item Power of an item you already have. The first way is through the Reroll feature available in every city from the NPC in the center of town. Doing this gives you a slight chance to increase the quality (normal, excellent, masterpiece, epic, legendary) of the item, thus also increasing its Item Power. The other way is to level another item(weapon or gear) from the same path in the Destiny Board. For example, if you use the Warbow and have it at max tier, or you’re at a point where leveling it up again will take quite some time, you may want to start leveling the Longbow instead. This is because the Longbow is in the same category as the Warbow, and will give a (+8)Item Power bonus to each other weapon in that same category (each time the Longbow is leveled).

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Future Development of the Albion Online


My suggestions. Make 1 last whipe, all progress after that whipe is permanent. This will truely have a possitive impact for the game development +player base (most important, specially for this game).

With that said. Make an alternative server for launch for those who want to start from 0 at the same time. This is the happy balance between those that want to start a game fully developed vs those that played throughly Beta test.

This are my thoughts, I think is great, and many people here in forums are smart with lots of experience which can really explain better and add more information.

It is true that theoretically the economy is quite different during beta then after launch a few reasons for this:

1. People only Buy Albion Online Gold with ingame silver during the beta, because it has value in terms of getting membership bonusses. Almost nobody is buying gold with real life money to buy ingame silver with it to get items and catch up with their mates etc. Those items have no value the closer you get to the wipe, allthough you may be getting the gold back around the next launch.

2. After launch of the beta there is a very large change in prices. All prices start to decline very rapidly. Now there are some low items selling for more silver then back then, simply because nobody is producing them anymore. You can buy T1 wood for 100 each for instance. It is funny to see a great lack of price stability. It means that it is hard to tell how much value something has. Example: T3 oxes where trading for 45 000, now they where about 300, maybe even less.

3. Overproduction tends to drive the price down as well as the fact that items become useless over time. T1-T4 will get pretty much useless. Maybe the DEVS should make it possible to upgrade T2 items to T3, using only T3 resource and T3 items to T4 using only T4 resource and T4 to T4.2 using only T4.2 resources etc. That way a T3 item always keeps some of its value, because you can upgrade it.

4. When more and more people stop playing the game the average silver income per player actually grows rapidly, because it is easy to get 100% of the yield on a boss. And yes 40k feels quite decent compared to 1k for killing one npc…. This is even relevant for after launch, because when the amount of silver grows less fast then the amount of resources and items, you actually get deflation (everybody starts to sell everything cheaper because nobody has any silver to buy the stuff and the silver you have will be invested in gold to get premium membership with). And that while some of the people who are at high tiers monopolise the treasures, castles and the high tier npc’s and get all the silver they want… So they still need to rebalance this yield reduction thing, allthough they have been saying they will change the spawnrates the more players are online, which would be a step in the right direction.

5. When it comes to giving the beta users an infinite server, that is pretty interesting from a certain point of view, because the makers where actually telling (during Q&A) about the great problems they would expect around launch, when everybody starts to log in at the same time etc. If Betaplayers got to keep their stuff and their server, that would mean the chances are that they will stay on it (at least some of them for some time), which means slightly less players getting crazy around launch. If players stay on the beta server, that would mean less stress on the other server during launch for the new players comming to the game, however it would also mean less total bandwidth for the public server….. It is almost certain that the makers won’t do that. They want one server, one world to rule them all etc.. A beta server however could also mean a server with a potential for making ESPORTS possible. 20vs 20 on a map, without noobs disturbing everything running true the map while the planned event is happening.Or 5v5 in gvg’s being pre planned before a tournament. Right now everybody could storm in and destroy the “honest” pvp that is necessary to get esports happening. What is also possible is having one quick server, with very fast resource growth, respawnrates etc, and very fast fame. And having one slower server with very slow resource growth and npc spawnrates. That way people would be capable of choosing their own type of server they want to join. Do they want to level to T8 in 1 week with pvp getting into the endgame extremely fast, or do they want to take it slow like EVE style, playing for many years grinding your way to the endgame and earning/levelling skills very slowly.

And more guide and news in Good Luck~

Albion Online Summer Goals


Time doesn’t wait you in this Era of rapid development. And just a day after launching its massive Darian patch, Albion Online has posted up a Q&A video and roadmap summary for its summer goals. Darian itself will be the last update before the big beta wipe, and then beta 2 will kick off in July for a few months. Launch, presumably, will land in the fall.

On the Q&A video, Game Director Robin Henkys reiterates that Albion is intending to appeal to hardcore PvP sandbox players as well as a wider audience of “players who are not immediately aligned with the idea of risking everything they’ve played for a long time to someone just killing them.” Henkys says that the two groups synergize, create goods for each other, and become targets and allies. He also doesn’t dismiss the idea of future “seasonality,” suggesting that it could be fun to pop an Atlantis-style island out of the sea for a month and let players exploit the heck out of it. Check out the whole video below.

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Albion Online Guide on Laborers



Nice suggestions! This guide on Laborers that Sunarie put together is so good we had to share it outside the guild. We really hope this helps you make the most out of the game.

We hope this guide to Laborers helps people who are into crafting, logisitics or simply making the most efficient use of your time in game. Here is the video in a great deal of detail and with a few extra tidbits as well