My suggestions. Make 1 last whipe, all progress after that whipe is permanent. This will truely have a possitive impact for the game development +player base (most important, specially for this game).

With that said. Make an alternative server for launch for those who want to start from 0 at the same time. This is the happy balance between those that want to start a game fully developed vs those that played throughly Beta test.

This are my thoughts, I think is great, and many people here in forums are smart with lots of experience which can really explain better and add more information.

It is true that theoretically the economy is quite different during beta then after launch a few reasons for this:

1. People only Buy Albion Online Gold with ingame silver during the beta, because it has value in terms of getting membership bonusses. Almost nobody is buying gold with real life money to buy ingame silver with it to get items and catch up with their mates etc. Those items have no value the closer you get to the wipe, allthough you may be getting the gold back around the next launch.

2. After launch of the beta there is a very large change in prices. All prices start to decline very rapidly. Now there are some low items selling for more silver then back then, simply because nobody is producing them anymore. You can buy T1 wood for 100 each for instance. It is funny to see a great lack of price stability. It means that it is hard to tell how much value something has. Example: T3 oxes where trading for 45 000, now they where about 300, maybe even less.

3. Overproduction tends to drive the price down as well as the fact that items become useless over time. T1-T4 will get pretty much useless. Maybe the DEVS should make it possible to upgrade T2 items to T3, using only T3 resource and T3 items to T4 using only T4 resource and T4 to T4.2 using only T4.2 resources etc. That way a T3 item always keeps some of its value, because you can upgrade it.

4. When more and more people stop playing the game the average silver income per player actually grows rapidly, because it is easy to get 100% of the yield on a boss. And yes 40k feels quite decent compared to 1k for killing one npc…. This is even relevant for after launch, because when the amount of silver grows less fast then the amount of resources and items, you actually get deflation (everybody starts to sell everything cheaper because nobody has any silver to buy the stuff and the silver you have will be invested in gold to get premium membership with). And that while some of the people who are at high tiers monopolise the treasures, castles and the high tier npc’s and get all the silver they want… So they still need to rebalance this yield reduction thing, allthough they have been saying they will change the spawnrates the more players are online, which would be a step in the right direction.

5. When it comes to giving the beta users an infinite server, that is pretty interesting from a certain point of view, because the makers where actually telling (during Q&A) about the great problems they would expect around launch, when everybody starts to log in at the same time etc. If Betaplayers got to keep their stuff and their server, that would mean the chances are that they will stay on it (at least some of them for some time), which means slightly less players getting crazy around launch. If players stay on the beta server, that would mean less stress on the other server during launch for the new players comming to the game, however it would also mean less total bandwidth for the public server….. It is almost certain that the makers won’t do that. They want one server, one world to rule them all etc.. A beta server however could also mean a server with a potential for making ESPORTS possible. 20vs 20 on a map, without noobs disturbing everything running true the map while the planned event is happening.Or 5v5 in gvg’s being pre planned before a tournament. Right now everybody could storm in and destroy the “honest” pvp that is necessary to get esports happening. What is also possible is having one quick server, with very fast resource growth, respawnrates etc, and very fast fame. And having one slower server with very slow resource growth and npc spawnrates. That way people would be capable of choosing their own type of server they want to join. Do they want to level to T8 in 1 week with pvp getting into the endgame extremely fast, or do they want to take it slow like EVE style, playing for many years grinding your way to the endgame and earning/levelling skills very slowly.

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