Hi, I’ve been meaning to put together a guide for newcomers for some time now and I finally have gotten around to it. I hope this helps some of you out, and if I’ve missed something or been incorrect at some point, let me know so I may correct it. This guide will mostly benefit new players, though some more advanced players may still find some interesting tips to use that will improve their experience and gameplay. Some of what I’m including may seem redundant for a lot of us veterans, but when I joined the game I was a little lost and this would have definitely helped me. I hope it may help some of you too!

Re-size chat-box & Customize:

If you select the gear icon in the upper left side of the chat-box window it will give you the option to “unlock” the window itself and you can now click-and-drag the box (must have your mouse over one of the tabs). You can also customize the individual tabs or add new ones, which can show more of less information such as whispers or loot drops, etc.


[Shift + Left Click] an item inside of a ‘loot drop’ or chest and it will instantly be looted into your bag.

Resize your UI:

This may be old news to a lot of people, but I wanted to share it anyway. Since Albion is made for both PC and mobile, there is the option to have a larger UI for fingers; however, on PC we don’t really need this enabled and a larger UI just means you will see less of what’s happening in front of you. Click on your character portrait and access the Options menu, and then navigate to the Game Settings tab. Here you will see the checkbox for “Smaller HUD”, and select it.

Switch Ability & Fame Progression bars:

By default the fame progression for Albion is shown at the bottom of your screen, while your abilities are displayed at the right. This may be just fine for some people. However, throughout the years there may be other people who have become accustomed to having abilities shown on the bottom of the screen instead. For those individuals, click on your character portrait and access the Options menu. Then navigate to the Game Settings tab. Here you will see the checkbox for “Spells at bottom of the screen”, just select it.


Did you know that there are leader-boards in Albion? To my surprise I found a lot of people had no idea that there was a way of tracking an individual’s progress as well as a guild’s. To access the leader-boards, click on your character portrait and select “Rankings”. From here you can view anything from the Kill Value from individual players, to the Fame totals of an entire guild. So get out there and make a name for yourself!

More Item Power (Destiny Board & Rerolling):

Almost every player should know that the higher an Item’s Power is, the better its stats are. However, there are a couple of ways to improve the Item Power of an item you already have. The first way is through the Reroll feature available in every city from the NPC in the center of town. Doing this gives you a slight chance to increase the quality (normal, excellent, masterpiece, epic, legendary) of the item, thus also increasing its Item Power. The other way is to level another item(weapon or gear) from the same path in the Destiny Board. For example, if you use the Warbow and have it at max tier, or you’re at a point where leveling it up again will take quite some time, you may want to start leveling the Longbow instead. This is because the Longbow is in the same category as the Warbow, and will give a (+8)Item Power bonus to each other weapon in that same category (each time the Longbow is leveled).

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