Don’t complaining about unfair PvP. You need read following laws, and you need some Albion Online Gold!

#1: You are going to die.

Remember this! They aren’t going to wait for you to get ready. They aren’t going to play fair. They aren’t going to care if a particular spell or tactic is too devastating if they catch you with it. Your only way around it is to learn them- learn where they are, learn what they’re after, learn what they’re going to do, and prepare yourself ahead of time. And no matter how well-prepared you are for what’s out there- you are still going to die. There is no way out of Law #1. Whether it’s at the hands of someone at the morgana camps who decides to pick you off just cause your there, whether it’s a group of players higher than you who gang up and tear you apart, whether it’s an even match, similar class who just happens to get that last shot in before you, whether it’s some punk who sucker-punches you right after a tough fight, or whether it’s someone whom you thought had no chance in hell who happens to get lucky, you’re going to be killed. If this bothers you, you made a mistake.

#2: This isn’t your mother’s RPG.

You can’t play the same game you played when no one went after you. The gear that was excellent enough to live in because of its effectiveness against the mindless MOBs isn’t worth squat- you have to outfit yourself with your most dreaded foes in mind. You can’t just trot over to your favorite hunting grounds to knock out your daily grinds or harvest materials. They know that those spots attract people who still think that they’re playing the same game, and they will be waiting for you. (See Law #1) If you played a PvE game before you have to forget everything you learned, and be prepared to learn it all over again. There are new rules for how to get a level. There are new rules for where to hunt, and there are new rules for which routes to take through the lands. If it’s something that many people used to do or where many people used to go, it is now bait that will lead many people to their deaths. If you thought that you were going to play the same route you played before to get to tier 8.6-whatever except that you can kill people now, you made a mistake.

You’re going to find entire guilds on your Kill on Site list. There will be griefers and campers and people tea-bagging you corpse. Do people play a PvP game just to kill people fifty levels below them? Yes, what of it? Your pride and ego heralds the end of your fun. Suck it up and call in a friend. Which brings us too …

#3: There is more to PvP.

There’s more to PvP than who has what nuke or how many hit points or what dps rate is. PvP is about knowing everything you can do and how it works, not just what numbers scrolled up when you fought mobs before. If you can’t fight them, learn how to. If you want to play a numbers game, go pick up a calculator. You want a scripted fight, go raid. If you can’t learn and expect SBI to change everything around to suit you, you made a mistake. Crying that you can’t beat X class and they need to be nerfed doesn’t mean you’re right, it means you’re an unskilled player who doesn’t understand how to play his class. You also have to understand the other classes and what their weaknesses are. Learn, Adapt, and Grow; if you can’t do that then you’re not cut out for this.

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To be continued…