Do You Really Understand Albion online?


Albion Online is an upcoming MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive. Sandbox Interactive is a company based in Berlin, Germany. The game is a 3D sandbox MMORPG with player freedom being at the center of the game. Gamers will be able to buy land, build a house, gather resources, craft items which they can use or sell, and engage in Guild vs Guild or open world PVP.

Similar to FFXIV, classes in Albion Online are unique in that they are tied to gear. Any player can wear any piece of gear, so equipping a robe will allow the player the ability to use more powerful magic at the cost of reduced defense. Equipping a sword and crossbow will let players engage in melee or closed ranged combat. There are quests to level your battle stats and open world PVP or Guild vs Guild also allow the player to earn exp. This is fairly important later on, as players must venture into dangerous PvP areas to harvest the most valuable resources.


Housing is one of the important features on Albion Online. Houses give players more inventory storage, provide a respawn point, and give character buffs. Guilds can even take over whole cities, claiming taxes from those who live within the city, but who must also defend them against other guilds in 20 vs. 20 open world battles.

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Albion Online – Darian improvements



Darian is the last content update throughout this phase of Beta. The team is now working in full force on preparing the next phase of beta on which you can expect more details soon. Here are fixes the Darian did.

Fixed many model/skinning/rigging issues.

Royal equipment should now be correctly treated as its non-Royal equivalent in all cases on the Destiny Board.

Fixed some weird issues with kills/knockdowns caused by reflected damage.

Fixed an issue where rare resources would not stack correctly on harvest when the player’s inventory was full.

Fixed an issue where the Well of Life spell would not forget players who had left its area for the purposes of maximum players healed per tick.

Fixed an issue where knockback abilities were not correctly calculating the distance for the tooltip.

Fixed an issue where T8 Sapphires were not set up correctly for transmutation.

Fixed various text/localisation issues.

Fixed some audio issues.

Fixed an issue where a player would continue to attempt to auto-attack another player after doing so is no longer a valid action (eg end of duel), resulting in unintended following behavior.

Fixed an issue with castle guards being unaffected by spells under certain conditions.

Fixed some issues with T6 Doomed Necromancer boss’s portals.

Fixed an issue with some Mage Towers still not having a favorite food set.

Fixed some issues with the interactions between two-handed weapons and off-hand items.

Fixed a large number of level design issues.

Fixed some issues with combat log/overhead display of silver looting, particularly relating to premium status.

Fixed an issue where a knocked down character would attempt to re-execute their last action on getting up.

Removed durability from journals.

Fixed some issues relating to weapons disappearing when looting/gathering.

Fixed a number of abuse cases relating to invites:

– Duel invites are automatically declined if the target is in combat or in a GvG match.
– Guild invites are automatically declined if the target is in a GvG match.
– Party invites are automatically declined if the target is in a duel, or if the target is in a

GvG match and target and inviter aren’t both in the same match and on the same team.

Fixed an issue where swapping to another item with the same spell would not interrupt casting.

Fixed an issue where it was possible to gain kill points in a GvG match by killing mobs or players not on the opposing team.

Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when knocked into a barrier in a GvG fight.

Fixed an issue where setting “all users” as co-owners of something would not extend management rights correctly to all players.

Fixed an issue where the “pay” window for repair kits was not closing automatically when it should.

Fixed an issue where grown farm animals were not counted when calculating fast travel costs.

Fixed some cases where blinking/teleporting across a spell area would apply that spell’s effect to you.

Fixed some issues with access controls on Guild islands; the Guild Leader is now correctly the only owner by default, and co-owners can be properly added by the Leader.

Make Your Combat More Rewarding


Since addicted to the Albion Online, I’m doing quite a lot of research into the combat aspect of the game and thought id give some feedback on features id like to see added/improved.


here is a list of the things id like to see

– A quick/smart cast option would be amazing. allowing spells such as blinks to go to the cursor without having to click would allow for much faster reactionary play. (with a toggle of course)

– More precise targeting system: a bigger pointer or area that can be clicked on when targeting enemies. i don’t know if i’m just bad, but I’ve been really struggling to click targets and in a lot of cases i end up running into melee range of them. This is a hundred times harder when your target is moving too…. i find this really frustrating when playing a ranged character as the initial targeting can really mess up your ability to keep distance.

– On the subject of kiting, i think movespeed in general is too high in contrast to attack speed. As soon as your ranger or mage pulls aggro all they can do is run, i’m finding it extremely hard to weave attacks in between movement when kiting melees. If their movement speed was lowered, but their damage, crowdcontrol and tankiness was increased, I believe this would make movement and mechanical skill way more rewarding and increase the skill-cap. it would also allow for more strategic diversity in PVP such as surrounding and flanking would be much more necessary, while rewarding wiser use of gap closers. It would also make peel classes with knockbacks and movespeed enhancers such as arcane mages much more viable.

– More skillshots and short range dashes in order to dodge: again i think PVP and PVE would feel much more satisfying if it rewarded movement and dodging more. Skillshot stuns could have more part in the game as a way to close a gap rather than the current huge movespeed.

– Give supportive/peel classes more options to cleanse their allies of cc (though not a short cooldown). with more cleanse options, uncleansed cc could be made to be more punishing.

– peel in form of knockabacks would become more valuable.
– crowdcontrol, lockdown and tankiness for melee classes could be buffed, while giving supportive classes more to do than just spam heal.
– reward the positioning and mechanical skill of dps classes and healers.
– add strategic diversity/team coordination in the form of flanking, chain cc and focus
– reward tanks for making good use of their gap closer.

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Crafted Items – Albion Online


Today we are talking crafted items and I hope can help for you. More and more content click UPAlbion.

albion crafting

If we define materials returned from craft as the market value of the crafted item divided by the market value of the materials required to craft that item, then it’s important that the fame from dissecting exceeds the material returned from craft times the fame earned from craft, or the incentive will be to not use this new function.

Since the prices on the market fluctuate, this feature will be hard to balance and depending on how much PvP is done in the world and how large the continuously incoming playerbase passing by the tier of the given items are Albion Online Gold, it might just end up unused. If it’s balanced to ensure that it will not be unused, we might instead end up with a playerbase unable to buy the gear and being forced into crafting.

Overall, the issue of too-much-gear-on-the-market is a low-priority and a problem that’s not that bad too have.

You should’ve looked into other ways to make crafters valuable, such as locking the re-roll function to the crafters of the items and make it cost materials. That would solve the same issue but wouldn’t introduce unnecessary P2W functions and the equal artificial low demand from making players chose not to sell their gear since they might want the fame instead.

Quality of gear is the factor that should matter, not quantity. It’s great to have a market with lots of low quality gear that is cheap due to buy Albion Online gold, but limit the high quality gear to expensive prices.

Immersion / Logic wise it would make more sense to actually allow people to learn / get fame by training on other people’s swords first, until say 50% and then they have to continue crafting the swords yourself.

It’s naturally much easier to take something apart and learn from it than actually build something from scratch.

So I’d suggest allowing training on other people’s products until the threshold.

Albion Online| Raising and Selling Mounts



In fact, raising and selling mounts is one of the best ways of earning albion silver in Albion Online, second only to running through dungeons and defeating bosses.

The following video will guide you through the different steps you’ll need to go through to raise horses and oxes.

With that done, it will be up to you to do whatever you want with your mount, using it yourself, selling it or giving it away to guildmates, or selling it on the Auction Houses.

How to Make Albion Online Upgrade




How leveling fast? using craft, I bet it’s better than nothing! using craft. Here’s a short and easy guide to make 2 levels in less than 10 minutes using craft!

Some things to know first :

– This is NOT an exploit bug
– Be prepared to spend 50 Albion silver coins!
– If you don’t find some materials, read the entire guide!

First, you have to go to any capital city, find a cooking master, and ask him to be a chief. Then read the following intructions:

– Buy 10x Packet of Salt and 4x Black peppercorn in bulk to the cooking master
– Craft 100 Pile of salt and pepperBuy 10x Jar of vegetable oil and 10x Jar of vinegar
– Craft 100 Bottle of simple dressing
– Buy 10x Jug of water, 10x Bags of flour, 4x Eggs in bulk
– Craft 100 Pasta Noodles
– Buy 10x Bags of flour and 4x Butter in bulk
– Craft 100 Bowl of roux
– Buy 4x Bell pepper in bulk et 4x Chili pepper in bulk
– Craft 100 Pile of paprika

Once all those steps are done, you should have gained more or less 2 levels.

Last tips for your 10 minutes crafting session :

– The « in bulk » materials can be found in the second and third tabs of the cooking master’s shop.You must use the paper bag that appears in your bag to collect the material which will be used in crafting.
– All the mentioned components can be bought to the cooking master, except the Chili pepper
– The Chili pepper can be bought to Sagum Relicseeker in Plains of Ashford, near to the Ascalonian Catacombs. You first need to complete the associated renown heart to buy him the needed materials

Are you understand? Good Luck!


Albion News: Content Update Coming on May 18


Darian is the last content update before the wipe and start of the next Beta phase, scheduled to happen this summer. This upcoming Beta 2 will include the New World redesign and more!

Coming on May 18, Darian contains everything that could be implemented before the large world update. Here is what you can expect to see next week:

# Morgana Faction Rework


Surface-dwelling Disciples have been rebalanced and reworked and will come with new group compositions and spells. Morgana’s dungeon crawlers have received a significant boost and an array of new spells and abilities, making high-tier PvE more interactive and challenging.

# Faction-themed Furniture: Morgana Mobcamp


Morgana mobs will have a chance of dropping rare Morgana-themed furniture pieces. These pieces are fashioned after Morgana mobcamps, ranging from simple standards to a full-blown siege ballista. If you are not interested in furniture, you will be able to salvage them for a fair amount of silver or sell them on the market.

# New Spells and Abilities


A total of 12 new weapons spells will be added to the game.
Charge on Claymore (slot 3)
Fearless Strike on Claymore (slot 3)
Bloody Reap on Scythe (slot 3)
Magma Sphere on Great Fire Staff (slot 3)
Tackle on Great Hammer (slot 3)
Black Hole on Great Arcane Staff (slot 3)
Tornado on Double Bladed Staff (slot 3)
Enfeeble Blades on Demonic Staff (slot 3)
Salvation on Divine Staff (slot 3)
Battle Frenzy on all Axe line items (slot 2)
Sacred Pulse on all Holy Staff line items (slot 2)
Sunder Shot on all Crossbow line items (slot 2)

# New Feature: Item Study


With this new feature, you will no longer need to salvage or sell unused items from crafting. Studying them instead grants you fame towards the same Destiny Board unlock that crafting the item would. Studying an item will destroy it and you can only study items that you are able to craft. You can also learn from other crafters’ works, but items need to be at full durability.

# Learning Point System Improvement


You will no longer need to gather the first portion of fame before being able to use Learning Points. Instead, you are now able to use them to advance to the next Mastery Level right away. However, the first 20% will cost eight times more Learning Points than the remaining 80%.

# Various Fixes and Improvements

A number of bugs and ongoing issues will be fixed, and localization of the game will be improved.

Stay tuned

Laborer And Housing System In Albion Online




What do you building your own house? This point is very important experience. Of course, Albion housing system isn’t going to be only about having a house that is decorated, that has no purpose but to be beautiful. Therefore the developer team developed the laborer system which is going to fill your house with life, it fills it with purpose, it gives you something to do with your player house.Of course, cheap albion gold can help you building a better house.

# How Laborers and Journal Work

Laborers can perform a variety of tasks for you, and this is to allow you to suit them to your playstyle. So if you’re a gatherer, you probably want to fill your house with gathering laborers. People who cut wood, or gather stone, or gather iron ore. To give a task to a laborer, you will need to give them a journal. A journal is an item you can acquire in an empty state from the laborer himself. So a woodcutter, for example, will be selling you woodcutting journals. And when you then go out and collect wood yourself, every time you do it a note will be put into the journal.

When you’ve you’ve got a nice full journal full of notes, then you take it back to your laborer and say, “Here’s my notes for the day, go do something useful with this.” And they’ll follow your notes, and go and cut down trees themselves and bring you back some more wood. You probably want to pick a laborer that matches the kinds of things you normally do in the game. If you do a lot of gathering, like you cut a lot of trees down, a wood cutting laborer would be really good for you, a lumberjack. If you mine a lot you want a mining type laborer. If you craft, there are crafting laborers. And if you spend a lot of time hunting the various factions in Albion, you can hire a mercenary laborer who will do that for you as well.

# How to Leveling Laborers

Laborers level up by performing tasks. The more tasks they do, the more experience they will gain, and once they’ve gained enough experience they will be ready to level up. By upgrading your laborers, they will perform better, they will give you more resources for each task you give them, and they will be able to give you better resources. Leveling them up, however, comes at a cost. They will rise in their expectations. They will require better furniture, better decorations to be happy, because they now feel they deserve it.

# Increasing Laborers Happiness

Much like in real life, you need to keep your workers happy in Albion online. If you’ve got some laborers then they’re going to have certain requirements. They’re going to want a decent bed and a decent table.

However, there are a lot of ways to go beyond this. For example, by placing trophies which are specific to the laborers interests, you can increase their happiness. A mercenary, for example, will be very interested in martial trophies. So if you have weapons or armors displayed on the wall, he will become happy. A woodcutter will be more interested in samples of woods or small saplings that you place in the house, and therefore your house will start to reflect the types of laborers that you have in them.

If your laborers are unhappy, then as they lose happiness, which happens over time, they will start to return less from their jobs, they’re not working as hard, they’re not as motivated, they’re not as effective. Below a certain point, they just won’t work for you anymore. They’ll stay in your house, but they won’t go out on jobs because they’re just not getting a good night’s sleep and they don’t feel up to it.

One of the interesting things about the way the laborers are set up is that they can’t just replace you doing work yourself. If you aren’t doing anything, you’re not filling journals, then the laborers can’t work without you, without your notes. Remember that laborers in Albion Online are not just a passive income source; it’s a multiplier on what you’re already getting.

The First True Cross-Platform MMO | Albion Online


Isn’t not believe me? I have proof. Albion Online is running on different systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same stunning world! It is the first true cross-platform MMO. Do you want a better experience? Are you want a better experience? Go to buy Albion Online Gold!


Albion Online Key Features:

The Ultimate in Crafting – To erect the greatest cities and smith the most deadly weapons requires resources, and plenty of them. Search far and wide to find the very rarest, most prized materials. But be on your guard – you won’t be the only one looking for them!

Guild vs. Guild Warfare – You can conquer the vast world of Albion for yourself! Territories mean shelter from the dangers of the wilderness, and room to build villages and gather precious resources. Claim yours, then expand your empire and protect it from invaders!


Player Housing – Buy your home, then furnish and decorate it to suit your own personal style! Beds, tables, trophies, chests… the list goes on! And these items aren’t just there for aesthetic effect – how you decorate will have a direct influence on your character!

No Classes – No Restrictions – Forget what you know from other MMOs. There are no classes in Albion Online, which means no restrictions on what you can equip. In Albion Online, you are what you wear!

Disciples Of Morgana – Once an immensely powerful sorcerer, Morgana diminished after a cataclysmic battle with Merlin at the end of the Great War. However, her devoted Disciples walk the earth still, bearing her standard in the name of evil, devastation… and revenge.


Cross-platform – Albion Online is the first truly cross-platform MMO experience, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, with all players on one master server in one massive, sprawling world. You choose how you want your adventure in Albion to continue.

OK! After reading these, i believe you will love.

Guides of Crafting in Albion Online



Today, we will talking Crafting. Crafting is the final step of a three-part process to create usable items, after Gathering / Farms and Refining / Pastures. The great majority of equipment and consumable items in Albion Online are made via crafting.

Crafting is developed separately from both Gathering and Refining on the Destiny Board. In addition, Crafting is divided thoroughly into very specific specialties.

# Crafting Buildings
Like Refining, all crafting is done at a particular Building:

– Toolmaker: Tools, Accessories, and Furniture
– Alchemist’s Lab: Potions
– Cook: Food
– Saddler: Mounts
– Workbench: Basic equipment for new characters
– Warrior’s Forge: Warrior weapons and Plate armor
– Mage’s Tower: Mage weapons and Cloth armor
– Hunter’s Lodge: Hunter weapons and Leather armor
The crafting of Potions, Food, and Mounts are unlocked through Farming, while all other items listed above are unlocked through Trainee Craftsman.

# Spells & Reforging
Equipped items such as weapons and armor provide new abilities and/or perks to wearers, called Spells.

Weapons provide three active Spells (attacks) on Q, W, and E, armors provide three active Spells (defensive) on R, D, and F, and most non-weapon equipment provides a single passive Spell.

Often, several Spells will be available for a particular slot, especially when selecting a passive, but only one Spell can be active in any one slot at a time. This choice is first made when crafting the item, but Reforging allows players to change the Spells of their armor at any Repair Station.

# Hierarchy

* Trainee Craftsman

Journeyman Toolmaker
– Demolition Hammer Crafter
– Sickle Crafter
– Skinning Knife Crafter
– Pickaxe Crafter
– Stone Hammer Crafter
– Axe Crafter
– Cape Tailor
– Bag Tailor

Journeyman Mage’s Tower Crafter
– Fire Staff Crafter
– [etc.]

Journeyman Hunter’s Lodge Crafter
– Bow Crafter
– [etc.]

Journeyman Warrior’s Forge Crafter
– Broadsword Crafter
– [etc.]

* Trainee Farmer



– Mount Trainer